Q: Where will the orders be dispatched?

We are based in London, UK. All orders are dispatched from our London warehouse.

Q: How to contact us?

A: You can email us at info@giftyet.co.uk. Normally, we will reply within 48 hours. 

Q: Are the designs/ drawings generated by computer?

A: No, all of the custom drawing are hand illustrated by our in house designers. So each drawing is unique and tailor-made for you.

Q: For custom drawing service, can I combine different photos?

A: Except on line drawing service, all other drawing services are able to accommodate this request. Make sure you have mark down the requirements clear when you submit the orders.

Q: For custom drawing service, Can I have the background in the drawing?

A: Yes, we can do that too. However, the price is different depending on the photo. Please send the drawing to our email at info@giftyet.co.uk to get a quote.

Q: I have many different photos and i cannot decide which one is best

A: We understand it may be hard to choose the photo. If you have more than one photos and cannot decide, you can send the rest of the photos to our email

at info@giftyet.co.uk and state your order number. We will help you to the best one for the drawing.

Q: Can I draw pets?

A: Yes, we can. The charge is the same as a person.

Q: Am I allowed to request some changes on the drawing?

Yes, you can make as many requests as you like. However, the comments will have to base on the same original photo that you have chosen.

Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: Each style of drawing has different turnaround time. Please refer to each individual listing and we have stated the turnaround time. Please note that it will be counted from the next day you have submitted the order. Also, the turnaround time refers to the date of providing the mock up. If you have comments on the mock up, we will need extra time to revise depending on the amount of comments. 

Q: Can I print the drawing using my own printer?

A: Our digital file will be in high resolution. So you can print it out using your own printer or use it for any further production.